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Welcome, medical contents search July 6, 2015
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E.R. Laceration Trays
Streamline your procedures in the E.R. by keeping these convenient trays in stock. Medline's E.R. Laceration Trays are shipped to you fully assembled, packaged and sterilized for greater efficiency and reduced risk of contamination in fast-paced emergency room situations. Refer to the chart on facing page for a full list of components included in each tray. CONTENTS: 1 Drape, Fenestrated; 2 Towels, Blue-Blotting; 2 O.R. Cloth Towels; 1 Shieldmate R * Facemask; w/Shield & Ties; 1 Needleholder, Webster; 1 Scissors, Iris Straight; 1 Forceps, Adson Tissue, 1 x 2; 1 Forceps, Adson Thumb; 1 Hemostat, Mosquito Curved Mirror-Finish Instruments Satin-Finish Instruments; 5 Sponges, 2" x 2", 12 Ply; 10 Sponges, 4" x 4", 12 Ply; 1 Syringe, 10cc L/L; 1 Needle, 18G x 1 1/2"; 1 Needle, 27G x 1/2"; 1 Needle, 25G x 5/8"; 2 Medicine Cups, 2 oz.; 1 Tray, Two Compartment; 1 CSR Wrap, 20" x 20"; 1 CSR Wrap, 24" x 24"; 1 Envelope-Style Pouch

Item No. Description Case Pack Unit Price Qty Buy
  DYNJ03000 Basic Laceration Tray, 16/case 16 EA/CS EA/BX $139.51
  DYNJ03108 Laceration Tray with O.R. Towels, 12/case 12 EA/CS EA/BX $154.33
  DYNJ03145 Laceration Tray with Satin-Finished Instruments, 16/case 16 EA/CS EA/BX $167.26
  DYNJ03159 Laceration Tray with Serrated Adson Thumb Forceps, 16/case 16 EA/CS EA/BX $157.80
  DYNJ03262 Standard Laceration Tray 20 EA/CS EA/BX $186.46
  DYNJ03900 Sterile Laceration Tray with Lidded Tray 20 EA/CS EA/BX $161.66
  DYNJ03901 Sterile Laceration Tray Wrapped 20 EA/CS EA/BX $230.82
medical contents search

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